Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy B-Day John Deere Style

My son turned 3 on 10/25 and he had a fabulous birthday party! Here are the pics of the festivities....

Here is the "Candy Bar"...I took some pics before the party got started...

It was a big hit, the kids loved it!!! (and I didnt mind the left over candy)

These are the JD party little happy meal boxes-so CUTE!

We set up a table and each child got to decorate a pumpkin.....

I decided to make cupcakes this year, instead of a traditional cake. Perfect size for the kids and ofcourse the adults didnt turn their nose up!

Me (and everyone else) singing Happy Birthday
to Clayton...notice my niece in the background plugging her ears-lol..she does that every time!

My brother in law painting Payton's face..this is a scary thing!

We had a surprise guest...Clayton LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...he was so excited to have Mickey at his party. In fact, he is still talking about it!

Kudos to Granny!

Opening gifts...he had a wonderful b-day!

Clayton's buddy, Karrter, stayed after so they could play!

It turned out great, but I am glad to have that behind it's time to start thinking about the holidays!!!


Katie said...

Tammi - Omg! This was incredible - I love your candy bar with the JD green buckets and the trucks scooping your mini tootsies! And I totally dig your dress-me-up plate! I make up reasons just to use mine :)

Tammi said...

I saw something really cute too-for the dress me up plate-you can write your menu out for the evening, or esp at a dinner party! Also like to write "Happy Fall Ya'll" ;)

the voice of melody said...

Hi, it's my first time visiting you. What a cute blog you have!

It looks like your family and friends enjoyed a nice birthday party for your little guy. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Many sweet blessings!