Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GOALS-Nov. re-cap & Dec. goals

Since I havent been doing well getting my goals and projects up to date at the start of each new month, I decided I would do it early for December!! I know, there will be alot to accomplish with the holidays in full swing after the next 72 hours....
I simply cannot believe that we are coming to the close of 2008 and will begin fresh thoughts and plans for 2009....everyone always says how fast time flies, but for a reason unknown to me, I have truly felt the effects of it for 2008.
Christmas is my favorite time of year-to celebrate our Lord Jesus' birth, family and friends, colder weather (not cold, just colder...we are in Texas you know?) visiting Santa, holiday parties, decorating the house, and SHOPPING...by the way, I am getting close to being done with my list this year-whoohooo, gotta love getting Christmas shopping done early!

OK, back to the task at hand: GOALS...
Here is a re-cap of my Nov goals and what I did or did not complete:

1.) Finish "Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks...I also cant wait to see the movie, but have to finish the book first! COMPLETED!

2.) Start "The 5 Love Languages of Children" when finished with #1. NOT COMPLETED

3.) Sort & file away 1 bag of receipts that my wonderful husband placed on my desk (this is 1 0f 2 big WalMart sacks FULL of receipts). *background:he runs his own company and I get to do the books! YEA.. NOT COMPLETED

4.) Finish 1 month of inputting entries for Ryan's company-I designated Thur nights each week to complete this duty. NOT COMPLETED

5.) Pay off loan at CU COMPLETED!

6.) Pull off a great 3rd Bday party for my precious son! (I love party planning, so this is no chore!) COMPLETED!

7.) Post at least 1 blog each week SORT OF COMPLETED

8.) Finish the last part of organizing my "Personal Recipe Binder" *background: as I sort through blogs, mags, cooking websites, I collect/tear out recipes, cooking tips, etc and I placed them in a binder in clear sheet protectors,-the last part is to organize them by category...SORT OF COMPLETED

Upcoming Events to Work on:
1.) Planning all events for son's party..10/25 SUCCESS

2.) Schedule a small weekend get away..mid-Nov SUCCESS-went to San Antonio w/ hubs

3.) Figure out menu for the church's Christmas Party...12/13 STARTED...

Well...wish I had gotten a little more completed, but before you know it, time has completely disappeared...and then you just have to start again the next month, SO...here are my Dec Goals:

1.) Finish reading "Oceans Apart"
2.) Completely finish organizing personal recipe binder.
3.) Finish buying Christmas gifts by 12/9.
4.) Sort & file away 1 bag of receipts.
5.) Complete 2 tasks off my organizing list.
6.) Have Christmas decor up and finished by 12/1.
7.) Get carpet cleaned.
8.) Organize at least 1 week of meal planning.
9.) Turn the TV off if we aren't watching it.
10.) Post items on Ebay.
11.) Wake up early 3x per week (weekdays) to do cardio.
12.) Wake up early the other weekday mornings for "quiet time".
13.) Organize Hawaii '07 vaca pics.
14.) Take family pic and send out Christmas cards by 12/17.

1.) Complete menu and pull off a successful Christmas Party for church staff.
2.) Bake Christmas treat bags for co-workers, friends and family.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My New Favorite Gadget

Well, I happened to catch Oprah and she shared her new favorite gadget, which she received as a gift from someone. I believe it has been out for about a year or so, anyhow, I had never heard of it until now. This awesome new piece of technology is called an Amazon Kindle. It was created by the founder of Amazon. You download books/blogs/newspapers WITHOUT connecting to your PC-LOVE THAT! It works the way a cell phone does, but without paying monthly fees. You can "Shop" the Amazon Kindle store (from your PC or straight from your Kindle) and download any book...it appears on your Kindle within ONE minute! All the books available (over 190,000) on the "Kindle Store" are $9.99 and under, so you save money on books AND it's saving paper. You must check it out. I ordered one and I am completely addicted and reading alot more!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The MOST Important Thing U Can Do TODAY!!

Please make sure you VOTE today, if you havent already. This is such a crucial election, and living in a country where we have the opportunity to vote for our leaders is KEY! Take a book or magazine to read while you stand in line...OUR country is WORTH THE WAIT!

Also, prayerfully consider your choices, we NEED Godly men and women in leadership. Above all though, REMEMBER-GOD is our place of HOPE and TRUST! Jesus, we trust in you, and you alone!

Be safe out there.