Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting Caught Up

It's been a little while since I last blogged. I am definelty not the blogging Queen, but I am making an effort here! Anyhow, I have been busy planning, partying and getting caught up with work, having gotten WAY behind after we were greeted by Hurricane Ike. Thankfully, we had minimal damage, but I dont know if I would call having no power or water for 5 days, minimal. We were actually more fortunate than some though, whose power was out for 10+ days. Even though it is already mid-Oct and fall is in full swing, I took some time to re-evaluate my goals a few nights ago, so now I can post my Oct goals, even if a little late! I am determined to accomplish a few things these last few weeks.

1.) Finish "Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks...I also cant wait to see the movie, but have to finish the book first!
2.) Start "The 5 Love Languages of Children" when finished with #1.
3.) Sort & file away 1 bag of receipts that my wonderful husband placed on my desk (this is 1 0f 2 big WalMart sacks FULL of receipts). *background:he runs his own company and I get to do the books! YEA..
4.) Finish 1 month of inputting entries for Ryan's company-I designated Thur nights each week to complete this duty.
5.) Pay off loan at CU
6.) Pull off a great 3rd Bday party for my precious son! (I love party planning, so this is no chore!)
7.) Post atleast 1 blog each week
8.) Finish the last part of organizing my "Personal Recipe Binder" *background: as I sort through blogs, mags, cooking websites, I collect/tear out recipes, cooking tips, etc and I placed them in a binder in clear sheet protectors,-the last part is to organize them by category...

Upcoming Events to Work on:
1.) Planning all events for son's party..10/25
2.) Schedule a small weekend get away..mid-Nov
3.) Figure out menu for the church's Christmas Party...12/13

This should be an adventure..I will re-cap beginning of Nov, but ofcourse I will be blogging before then... (see #7)

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