Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 Year Reunion!!

So, Saturday night is my husband's 10 year HS Reunion (wow I feel old saying that!!) We went back and forth whether we wanted to go or not since we really dont keep in touch with many people from HS (he graduated 98 and I in 99). SO, the verdict is in-we're going! I am excited now that we're going. It's at the Hyatt downtown, so I am looking forward to getting all dolled up. I already have my outfit picked and I have to take Ryan's to the cleaners. I will post pics after the weekend-this should be eventful.

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Katie said...

hey girl - welcome to the bloggin world! thanks for stoppin by Bower Power - and for your sweet comment - I have been meanin to splain things for a while - I get that ALL the time! Anyway I did in a way if you wanna check it out.

Good luck - oh and I'll add ya to my reader.